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Coming July 9, 2024
The Day Madear Voted

“Madear’s children aren’t fully aware of how special today is, but their mother—sporting one of her best dresses—joyously explains that this Tuesday in 1969 will be the first day she gets to vote. . . . This straightforward yet empowering tale will get youngsters energized for election day.” —Kirkus Reviews

Available Now - The Reckoning 

From award-winning author Wade Hudson, a contemporary novel about an aspiring 12 year-old filmmaker whose world is turned upside down when his grandfather is slain in a senseless and racist act of violence. 

The Reckoning cover.jpg
COVER ART_Wade Hudson - Journey, A Collection of Poems by Wade Hudson (Markus Spiske - Cit

I write about life…. Black life in all its variety and complexities.  I seek to write into existence, all that some seek to hide, deny, cover up or render insignificant and unnecessary.

I created this website to share more about my journey as a writer, my new projects and what inspires me. Thank you for visiting and for your interest in my books. - Wade Hudson

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